Company History

In the Beginning

The AEVIT® (Advanced Electronic Vehicle Interface Technology) legend began in November of 1980 amongst the majestic pine trees of southern Maine. Here, as the result of a tragic motorcycle accident that left a close friend severely paralyzed, Scott Bolduc envisioned a man-machine interface that could conquer the physical requirements necessary to operate complex machinery such as an automobile. If he could design a purely electronic means to operate the steering, accelerator, and braking functions of an automobile, and integrate the secondary controls such as wipers, lights, etc., then these control inputs could virtually be mounted anywhere in or on the vehicle. Hence the “drive-by-wire” designation commonly used for systems of this type.

At a time when emerging technologies were reserved for very few, and naysayers to the task were high, this young engineer assembled a team of other engineering believers to make the vision a reality.

The development of this new technology, would ultimately change adaptive automotive cockpit designs in the future.

Scott Bolduc, Founder & CEO

The Path

Breaking with all tradition, Bolduc chose to emulate a new technology that involved electronic “fly-by-wire” components that were only available in advanced aerospace projects, operable by highly trained specialists only. These parameters were deemed unacceptable by Bolduc’s team, if the project vision was to appeal to average operators with smaller budgets. The project vision eventually led to the development of better “fault tolerant”, embedded controllers communicating across a CANbus (controller area network), and intelligent, powerful, and redundant electric servomotors to assure the safety and integrity of the visionary control system. After 6 years of research and development, the first totally “drive-by-wire” vehicle began driving in 1986. Drivers would no longer be limited by exact seating position or input control placement due to mechanical or hydraulic steering, braking, or acceleration systems found in mass produced vehicles.

The immediate response from the Adaptive Vehicle industry was enthusiastic.

The Human Equation

1001408human-equationWith the emergence of AEVIT® technology with its safety concept of “fault tolerant”, multiple redundant processors, servos, and input devices, the vision was not yet completed. The project required the modelling of the human algorithm of control response and interface devices to assure fast learning curves to a typical operator. What were the differences, if any, surrounding drivers with distinct physical disabilities?
Once again, the team had to think outside the box and provide user input solutions that were combinations of both software and mechanical enhancements. The initial direction taken was Bolduc’s understanding of high performance aircraft and its effect on human operators. He stated, “that as speeds increased so did the forces acting on his body which in theory, rendered him with a distinct physical disadvantage in both effort and range of motion.”

The result of this early work with a commitment to succeed, resulted in the world’s first patented, commercially available “drive-by-wire” automobile control system (DigiDrive®) in 1990.

Vision Accomplished

During the 90’s, the demand for these aerospace grade AEVIT® control systems increased by 600% in just 3 years. To assure our customers the utmost in reliability and safety, the decision was made to directly control all operations of the design, manufacture and production of these high-tech control solutions, in lieu of direct outsourcing. This not only allowed these products to be quickly homologated into emerging automotive technology in a growing number of makes and models worldwide, but also allowed us to integrate custom AEVIT® control solutions in an accelerated time frame for our larger corporate clientele. In 1992, the decision was made to create companies to address the specific markets associated with AEVIT® technology.

Electronic Mobility Controls, LLC (EMC) was to handle all design, manufacturing, and distribution of AEVIT® products in response to the immediate needs of physically challenged drivers and equipment operators served by the adaptive driving equipment industry.

Later, AEVIT Services Company (ASC) was created to handle emerging service, training, licensing, installation, and custom applications markets.



We Saw What Others Could Not

The year 2009 represented a quarter century of design, manufacturing, and distribution for EMC, with thousands of AEVIT® systems worldwide. The current version of this technology is dubbed AEVIT 2.0® (Advanced Electronic Vehicle Interface Technology), and has set a new world ISO standard for safety and reliability. Since the integration of AEVIT® technology into the Adaptive Equipment Industry almost 25-years ago, its unique value, quality, cost effectiveness, and safety over time is clearly evidenced by the strongest and largest distribution network of dealers worldwide… and repeat orders from over 99.7% of our customers.

After 25 years of focus and commitment to the original vision, AEVIT® is the ONLY commercially available, type certified, “drive-by-wire” technology in the world today!