Econo-Series® Console

Econo-Series® Console System

A Versatile, yet Economic Choice

The Econo-Series® Touchpad is offered as an alternative to drivers not requiring Primary Controls for gas/brake and steering. It is designed as an “intermediate” console system to meet the needs of individuals who require touchpad access to only the most commonly-used vehicle functions. Because of its universal design, it also has the flexibility to operate in nearly any make or model vehicle.

Econo-Series® is the simplest and most economic solution for those individuals who require remote access to more functions than can be provided with our 2-Function touchpad products.

There are fifteen commonly used vehicle functions that can be accessed with the Econo-Series®:

  • Ignition
  • Start
  • Intermittent, low and high wipers
  • Wiper wash
  • Park lights
  • Headlights
  • Low, medium, and high front fan speeds
  • Cruise on
  • Cruise set
  • Park brake
  • And one additional auxiliary function
Econo Comp

Ergonomic Design

The contoured Econo-Series® keypad (6″H x 4-1/2″W x 1″D) offers access to these fifteen vehicle functions with only eight multi-function buttons. Each button is color-coded and represented by universal icons and lighted LEDs so that a person can take full advantage of his/her visual perception for quick, at-a-glance operation. Also, these raised tactile buttons are sufficiently spaced to prevent inadvertent activation by individuals lacking finger dexterity.

The Econo-Series® also features a unique theft deterrent code requirement to start the vehicle, thus providing our customers with the security and peace of mind that they deserve!

Clearly, one of the most remarkable aspects of the Econo-Series® is its flexibility for use with non-typical vehicle applications. No longer must a consumer sacrifice his or her individual preference for a particular vehicle simply because there is no available adaptive equipment for that make or model. EMC has designed the unique circuitry of this system so that all CPU contacts are available through the wire harnesses. This means that a Certified EMC Technician with the proper vehicle electronic documentation now has the ability to configure this console to nearly any vehicle without costly and timely circuit board modifications. If requested, and dependent upon your dealer’s recommendation, EMC can also provide easy-to-follow installation instructions that relate to your specific application.

Once you consider all of the vehicle functions that can be operated with the Econo-Series®, its inherent flexibility, ease of operation, and the reliability that comes from the worldwide leader of adaptive driving controls, you will see that the Econo-Series® from EMC is not just the right choice for your intermediate console needs, it’s the only choice!

Econo-Series® is Not available for CAN based systems such as the 2008 Chrysler minivan! Check with your dealer for applications.

Econo Keypad

Optional Equipment

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