AEVIT Services Company is a corporation that provides wholesale design, fabrication, installation, and training services for AEVIT® 2.0 “Drive-by-Wire” technology to Custom Vehicle professionals and agencies worldwide.


Dealer Services will include OEM Installations of all EMC products to certified EMC Dealers and Agencies worldwide.

These professional installations will assure vehicle inspectors of compliance to any specified and/or requested standard, as well as compliance to all EMC specifications. Most vehicle types will have the AEVIT modules and touchpad electronic components mounted in the AEVIT Chassis between the seats.

The final fitting of AEVIT input devices and secondary touchpads will be left up to the individual dealers, evaluators, and their client. ASC will typically not mount these driver input devices as these require driver specific placement.

Driver Evaluation and Training

Driver Evaluation and Training programs will be offered for driver training professionals seeking “certification” in the proper usage, prescription, client fitting, and training techniques associated with vehicles equipped with EMC products.

Multi-Level training and certification programs will be offered to accommodate student experience in the various AEVIT primary driving controls from EMC. First time students will develop training skills on AEVIT in the classroom, prior to the actual “in-vehicle” experience.

Vehicle Examiners

ASC will also provide training programs for Vehicle Examiners and inspection agencies seeking “certification”. The program will consist of classroom and hands-on experience in typical vehicle applications with EMC driving controls.

Whether the examiners are testing for FMVSS, CMVSS, TUV, SAE, or individual State compliance, this course will provide you with all the necessary information to conduct a complete inspection and road test of the vehicle adapted with EMC equipment.