Voice InterActive Controls®

Voice InterActive Controls® 

Intelligent Voice Communication between You and your Vehicle

This “new” technology from EMC replaces the older Digivoice® “voice activation” systems from EMC.

VIC® stands for Voice Interactive Controls and is used for “voice activation” of Secondary controls, and is also used to communicate “verbal instructions” to the driver on the status of AEVIT 2.0® primary driving controls.

VIC® incorporates a programmable “flash card” reader enabling speech commands and instructions to be “custom tailored” if needed.


  • VIC® is capable of communicating with the driver in different languages.
  • VIC® is capable of operating up to 16-secondary vehicle functions by “voice-command”.
  • VIC® communicates the “status” of AEVIT 2.0®, including “boot-up” and “boot-down” procedures…….through the vehicle radio speakers.

Voice Activation of Secondary Controls

VIC® will set new performance standards for truly “user friendly” access to important secondary controls while driving. For years, operation of necessary controls such as Shifter Functions, Turn Signals, Horn, Headlight Dimmer, Wipers, etc. by physically challenged drivers, has been an exercise in cockpit aerobics. Previous controls are limited to placement within the cockpit due to the fact that they require absolute positioning for each switch to be accessed. Therefore, some of these functions are easier to access than others……..Not with VIC®!

All of the 16-vehicle controls can be accessed as easily as touching a single switch and speaking.

The circuitry inside VIC® allows you to train the system to recognize your voice within minutes. Digital Speech Processing (DSP) technology allows us to incorporate software to reliably operate within the loud environment of a motor vehicle while minimizing annoying “false activation”.

More Features:

  • VIC® comes standard with a vehicle mounted boom microphone that has been tested by a soft spoken person in a convertible at 45mph.
  • VIC® includes “shift verification” commands to prevent unintentional shifting while the vehicle is moving.
  • VIC® incorporates an automatic “radio defeat” function which mutes your stereo sound during system activation, allowing safe and reliable communications between you and the vehicle.

Flexible 12-inch book microphone


Is specifically designed to operate in conjunction with AEVIT 2.0®, and is a “plug & play” module that can be added at anytime.

When activated, VIC® will emit a ready tone. Speak into the flexible headset microphone the function you wish to activate, and VIC® will do the rest within 1.5 seconds.

VIC® is activated via any number of EMC “ACT type” switch options shown above.

VIC® and Primary Control Status

VIC® will “talk you through” all text codes on your AEVIT® Information Center and let you know what to do during the “bootup” and “bootdown” procedures, as well as let you know if any vehicle problems are detected.

Voice notification of AEVIT® status, allows the driver to focus on driving rather than trying to read a display and deciding what to do. VIC® handles that for you with over 50 instructional messages!

Click on the Sample Messages below:

One of the many advantages of the AEVIT® primary driving control systems, is the fact that factory supplied gas, brake, and steering controls of your vehicle can remain fully functional for others to use. However, the use of the factory controls requires that the operator “decouple” or take the powerful AEVIT® servomotors off-line so to speak.

This “Disengage” procedure requires that the operator turn off a switch and push a small lever on the factory steering column to the disengaged position. To return to AEVIT® operation, the steering must be engaged prior to driving.

VIC® will “talk you through” the ENGAGE procedure of your AEVIT® system, including when to center your wheel and when your wheels are aligned.

Click on the Sample Messages below: